Sarah Bird Photography – a professional award-winning fashion photographer based in London & Brighton. Sarah specialises in on-location and studio fashion photography – including commercial fashion shoots; fashion editorials; designer look book shoots; hair shoots for salon collections; beauty shoots for cosmetic companies and make-up artists as well as product and advertising shoots for online fashion boutiques.

She has a wealth of experience, working for a variety of clients such as Oakley, Irregular Choice, Poetic Licence, Posthuman Wardrobe, Ophelia Fancy and BBS Jeans to name but a few. Her photography work has been featured in British Vogue, Metro, Evening Standard, Spindle, Extastic, Fashion Capital and Bowens Litebook, as well as books sold internationally and exhibitions.

In 2011, she was awarded the title of Sussex Fashion Photographer of the Year, as well as Associate membership with the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Sarah runs a photography studio based in the seaside city of Brighton, but often travels with her photography work and has regular clients in London and around the UK.